PRA 5.1.05


I like killing the hotshots. When some guy comes up to the table with a whole bunch of money and uses it to show off and treat people like dirt, I enjoy every chance I get to take his money. When I’m successful, I try in my friendly way to goad the hotshot into trying to get his money back, so I can take more of it. And when they really lose all, I hope that in some small way I’ve not only helped deterred him from gambling, but actually damaged his whole lifestyle and rendered him monetarily incapable of throwing around his weight. I hope he has to sell his business, take flak from his boss, ends up on the street penniless and drunk. Because you have to understand that these people are the worst people on earth. They’re the people running the country. They’re the people that start wars over personal castration fear. They are people without any empathy for the rest of the human race who have somehow come upon ungodly sums of money. And for the most part they’re stupid, too.
….The people who come to the casino just to have fun and waste a few dollars I don’t mind. I’d just as soon have them win all the time, because they could be me. Some people are very pleasant to play with. They don’t complain when they lose, they don’t gloat when they win, they clearly have something to offer besides their gambling habit. But these people unfortunately are so few and far between that I forget that they represent the great majority of the human race.
…The people I’m talking about definitely belong to a minority. They are the rich people minority. But they’re not the rich people who have foundations, or somehow contribute to society. They’re the people who actually think their money makes them better than you. And a bigger bunch of losers I cannot imagine.