and now another wee poem


USA: nation of idiots

Run by idiots, catering to idiots. George Bush speaks that way because he’s talking to his friends/electoral power base: that is, idiots. And when I say idiots I’m not making some kind of redneck generalization about the average American person. No, I mean that very tiny minority of Rich People.

Rich People are generally idiots. The wealth dulls their senses. The influence over other people atrophies their need to figure anything out. Obviously they have a certain canny ability to turn financial situations to their advantage, but this is not necessarily intelligence working, rather an applied actualization of self-interest (not an unformidable trait). But once they have their wealth acquired, as for whatever IQ they posess, forget it. It’s goodby brain and they’re lucky if they retain their sanity.

So it’s not an accident that our ruling class generally run toward the amazingly stupid. After all, we elected them cos they’re rich and powerful, not because they were capable of working out our problems. It’s our fault.